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With you can build an interactive user journey map that will help you build shared understanding across your team. A user journey map is a series of touch points the user has with your product connected together to form a map of the journey that they take through in order to complete tasks.

By focusing the conversation on the higher level goals your users have both business and technical teams can provide input from their respective sides and understand how the decisions they make impact the other. As more information gets added to the user journey map from various sources overtime the map will be expanded, reworked and become a key artefact for the team.

An example user journey map

Map Objects

A user journey map uses the following concepts


a touch point / step in the user journey map

Learn how to create a Step and add it to your map


a connection between two steps signifying an action the user takes to reach their goal

Learn how to create a Connection on your map

User Journey

A journey a user takes through your app to meet a goal, this will cover multiple steps and connections and your map will have many user journeys

Learn how to create and add User Journeys to your map

Test Case

A test case used for testing the system, useful for understanding the test coverage level your product has and can cover multiple steps and connections

Learn how to create and add a Test Case to your map

Map Version

A way of saving different versions of the same map, each version can have a different set of steps and connections but will share user journeys and test cases

Learn how to create a Map Version for your map

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