Create and Add User Journeys

User Journeys allow you to highlight specific paths your user’s take through your product in order to achieve their goals. As your map grows highlighting specific User Journeys will help you focus in on the impact that changes will have to a subset of the product while being able to see how that journey fits within the full product map.

An example user journey map

Create your journeys

help-building-map-toolbar.png You can create a Journey by selecting the Journeys tool from the left hand tool bar.

help-create-journey-edit-journeys.png The Journeys tool will show a list of Journeys associated with Steps and Connections on the currently active version of the map and button at the top of that list to edit that list of Journeys.

On clicking the ‘Edit User Journeys’ button at the top of the list of Journeys you will see a list of all Journeys in the map (even those that aren’t linked to Steps and Connections in the current version).


At the top of the ‘Edit User Journeys’ list there’s a button labelled ‘Add new User Journey’ which when pressed will create a new User Journey in the ‘Edit User Journeys’ list. help-journey-edit-new-journey.png When first created the new Journey will have the title ‘New User Journey’ and description ‘A newly created User Journey’ but you can edit these properties by pressing the ‘Edit User Journey' button on the list item’s card and pressing ‘Save Changes’ on the User Journey Editor form.

Add user journey into your map

Once you have created one or more User Journeys you can associate your User Journeys with Steps and Connections on your map.

When clicking on a Step or Connection you’ll be shown a Step/Connection Editor that allows you to amend the properties for that Step/Connection. help-journey-tag-entity.png Under the ‘Linked Entities’ section there’s a ‘Search User Journeys’ input that you can use to search for a User Journey to add to the Step/Connection. Once you’ve selected the User Journey you can press the ‘Add’ button and that will link the User Journey to the Step/Connection.

You can link multiple Steps and Connections in a similar manner by holding down the Shift key and dragging your mouse to select all Steps/Connections in a given area. Doing so will show a Multi-Entity Editor with the same ‘Search User Journeys' input, by pressing ‘Add’ all the selected Steps/Connections will be linked with the User Journey.

You remove a User Journey from a Step/Connection by pressing the ‘X' button on the chip shown underneath the 'Search User Journeys’ input.

View a User Journey within your map

The Journeys tool will show a list of Journeys associated with Steps and Connections on the currently active version of the map. help-journey-view-journey.png Pressing one of the Journeys in the Journey list will highlight the Steps/Connections that are linked to it. Selecting multiple Journeys will highlight all Steps/Connections that are linked to at least one of the selected Journeys.

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