Creating Map Versions

Versions allow you to save snapshots of your user journey map so that you can branch off to explore ideas, keep a record of your product at a set point in time or map differences in your product due to business logic such as regional needs.

If you have multiple versions in your map you can switch between them using the Version Selector which when clicked will show you a list of versions to select from. Additionally when editing a map you can select a version from the list by pressing the ‘Versions’ tool from the left side toolbar.

Creating and saving changes to versions is handled by the ‘Save Changes’ and ‘Save as new Version’ buttons that are on the right of the version selector.

An example user journey map

Saving a version doesn’t automatically save your changes to the database as you make them. You can however manually choose to save your changes to the currently selected version once you’re happy with them by pressing the ‘Save Changes’ button.

help-versions-save-changes.png This button will only be enabled when changes have been made to the map and will be reset after a change has been saved.

If you have unsaved changes and you select a new version to view you will be reminded that you have unsaved changes and prompted to either cancel the version change so you can save the changes or discard the changes.

Creating a new version

help-versions-new-version.png If you’d like to create a new version you can press the ‘Save as new Version’ button which will take the current map and create a new version using the name that you enter in the popup that shows when you press the ‘Save as new Version’ button.

help-versions-save-new-version.png You can create a maximum of 10 versions during the alpha but this should be more than enough for you to iterate over ideas as you can always delete or rename versions.

Deleting / Editing a version

help-versions-edit-versions.png If you’d like to rename a version you can do so by selecting ‘Versions’ from the left side toolbar which will show you the list of versions in the map. help-versions-edit-version.png Press the ‘Edit Versions’ button to make the version list editable and once on the Edit Versions list press the ‘Edit Version’ button on the version card to open the ‘Version Editor’ form. help-versions-form.png Once on the ‘Version Editor’ form you can update the name of the version by editing the text in the ‘Version Name’ input and pressing the ‘Save Changes’ button or you can delete the version from the map by pressing the ‘Delete Version’ button.

If you choose to delete a version you will be prompted to confirm your choice (to prevent accidental deletion). If you delete the last version in your map a new version will be created in it’s place as a map must always have at least one version.

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