Meet the Team was started by Colin & Kev in 2021 after they decided to solve a problem that had plagued the majority of the teams they'd been on throughout their careers in software development - a lack of shared understanding amongst the team resulting in delays, scope creep and upset team members.

The Team

Get to know us and why we're passionate about increasing shared understanding.

Colin Wren

Colin is responsible for all the bugs in the code owns the development and design side of and drinks way too much coffee. He first came to understand the value that shared understanding can bring to a team after reading 'Bridging the Communication Gap' while working at a health tech start up as a way to improve the quality of work items coming into the development team he was running.

Since then he's worn designer, developer and tester hats in a series of roles that have given him insight into how a simple misunderstanding can disrupt a team and how tools that are designed to aid building shared understand ultimately get misused and fail to deliver any real value, instead becoming an expensive waste.

When not cranking out code into the small hours Colin likes to relax to some soothing Technical Death Metal, go for a long walk and even rarely make some screen printed art.

Kev Savage

Having worked for over 14 year in product and project delivery across a number of different industries including pharmaceutical, retail and finance and performing a number of different roles including business analyst, scrum master and product manager, the one thing Kev really enjoys is building high performing teams and excellent products by great communication and collaboration in an agile environment.

Likes: Yorkshire tea, Scrumban, Jira, continuous improvement, knowledge by research, diagrams,

Dislikes: Jira, lengthy documentation, following process for process sake and banana’s

Away from work Kev enjoys spending time with his young daughter and amazing wife, walking their two working bred Clumber Spaniels Skye and Summer and when time permits trail running and mountain biking.

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